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Latest reviews about Spectoos
Gil Shefler
Great product, loved it.
Dave Knowles
Customer testimonials are of paramount importance to my business marketing, and after researching around Spectoos is the best testimonial widget I have found on the market. Clean, simple and easy to use I would recommend them highly
Dilip Budhrani
Spectoos is an excellent way to consolidate all your legit testimonials in one place, for easy viewing on your website or facebook. Their app is fairly easy to use, and customer service was quick and extremely helpful! Highly recommended!
Silas Robinson
I love using Spectoos for client testimonials! We've achieved a 10X ROI by using their built in CTA feature. I highly recommend this company for anyone looking to gain buyer confidence, and build social proof.
Roman Prof. Dr. Brylka
It is a state of the art plugin - highly flexible, easy to use and hard to do something wrong. By the way it looks awesome on our site, too - Try it!
Melissa Wilkinson
I am so thrilled to have come across this plug-in on my quest for a "modern" way to display customer reviews. Not only is it visually appealing, but being able to include a link to the customer's social profile page brings another layer of credibility and validity to the review. It makes it more powerful. Aside from the amazing widget, the support is top-notch. I had an issue with my display and was able to live chat online directly with the developer who helped me to solve my problem within 5-10 minutes. Truly outstanding- I highly recommend!
Sébastien DE Carvalho
Spectoos.com is the most innovative tool in the arena of testimonials management online tools. Not only easy to use and to manage, but provide an all in one solution to get better conversion on my website thanks to the awesome testimonial widget and embedded call to action. The more i discover, the more i'm amazed with Spectoos
Marco Pelosi III
Word-of-mouth references from trusted sources are gold and Spectoos delivers Fort Knox to my prospects like nothing else I've seen. Elegant, efficient, and easy to deploy. It took no time at all to produce fantastic displays on my company website, facebook, linkedin presence...from my phone! I was blown away by the immediate feedback on any question and issue from Guy, the company co-founder. Very, very few tech companies that I've ever done business with give you direct feedback from the brains behind the scenes. I'm totally impressed. Magnificent.
Kelly Swanson
As an extremely busy small business owner, I have known for a while that I should be doing more with my social media, but haven't had the time or know how. Spectoos swooped in and in one day I had a testimonials streamed right into my website. For me, using Spectoos is a NO BRAINER. They are the perfect combination of what you need, an easy-to--use platform, a system that works while I focus on other things, and real people who are happy and willing to over deliver immediately. I can't recommend them highly enough. Thank you, Spectoos. You rock.
Luke Walker
I've been really impressed with Spectoos so far. It's super easy to use and I had testimonials up on my site within an hour of signing up. The best thing is that the team actually listen to your needs as a business and work with you to succeed. They've been great. Highly recommend! Luke
William Morgan
I found Spectoos as a replacement to another widget as I wanted something more credible to display testimonials on our website. Spectoos delivers in a very professional clean look and the user submission form is easy for my clients to add their reviews. Guy was extremely helpful. He offered to import reviews from FaceBook, Yelp and G+ free of charge which saved me a lot of time. Thanks Guy! Try them out to get spectactular testimonials for your website!
Tiffany Magnussen
I chose to use Spectoos to collect and display testimonials on my facebook page. I was frustrated with setting it up (so not an IT person). But turns out I was thinking too much and it was actually easy peasy.... I found this out after Guy, customer support, contacted me and was able to assist me immediately. I am so excited to finally have this tool set up! I recommend Spectoos for their customer support alone.
Queen Joseph
I was searching the web looking for a better way to present my testimonials and reviews from clients and I stumbled upon Spectoos. It's easy to use, works great with Squarespace websites and most of all, the customer service is amazing. Extremely helpful and prompt. The photos along with the messages displayed on my website by Spectoos adds credibility to my website whether you offer services or sell products. Just copy the code and paste in your website and you're good to go!
Katey Nixon
Amazing customer support. The app is so lovely on my website! Very happy.
Bernice Pace
Initially I wasn't sure what to think but then after working with Guy, a wizard with this stuff, he convinced me that there is real value with impressive testimonials that can be created on your page. I am not very tech savvy so it helped tremendously that he walked me through it.
Mads Troels Hansen
Spectoos is an amazing tool to collect, manage and visualize more credible testimonials. The support from Spectoos is also really great and they provide instant help in the integrated help system. Highly recommended.
Sharon Hurley Hall
I'm really enjoying the way Spectoos displays testimonials on my site. They're attractive and, thanks to the built-in analytics, I know they are getting attention. A great way to get more from your LinkedIn and other recommendations.
Marissa Letendre
I absolutely love Spectoos. For years, I had been looking for something like this but wasn't able to find it. I was super excited when I found Spectoos and signed up immediately. I didn't hesitate and I'm glad I didn't because it's been extremely helpful for my business. I have the testimonials right on the homepage and it's helped potential clients realize the value in my services - directly from other clients. The Faceboard looks awesome on my site and I love that I can customize it. HIGHLY recommended!!!
Russell Jones
The app is great plus I really appreciate the proactive support from the founder himself!
Vito Chesky
Awesome plugin and the service from the company is second to non. They are responsive and not just in the mobile sense! Highly recommend this company and product.
Adele Toral
Great customer support. I love the service and I'm here to stay!
Alistair McQuade
The folks at spectoos are fabulous! They helped me to get my faceboard up and running on my WordPress site in no time. Many people have commented on how good the testimonials and comments look from our customer base look. I was looking for a way to increase our credibility online, And this has really helped us. I cannot recommend them highly enough.
Moshik Raccah
Spectoos is an amazing solution for increasing credibility and conversion rate. It really works!
Frances Caroline Bustos
Spectoos came up with a brilliant widget, the Faceboard, to make people trust in user reviews/testimonials again.
Pe'era Feldman-Gordon
As a marketer, i believe that the days of shady testimonials are over, Social proof being the most important thing today to keep authentic customer voices and maintain the pure nature of the brand's quality assurance. Spectoos delivers this big time! very easy to use and manage. highly recommend this tool!
Joanna Wayburn
The Spectoos faceboard widget is a really good tool for showcasing testimonials. For me, it used to be a tedious task to ask clients for testimonials and then manually put them on my website. With this widget, the process is so easy and fast! With the click of a button, my testimonials appear without hardly any work from my side. Plus, it looks really great!
Kristi Hines
I've always wanted to be able to take the testimonials I received on LinkedIn and add them to my website. Now I can do so quickly and easily with Spectoos. It's turned a static testimonial page into an interactive experience that my potential customers can trust.
Patrycja Walus
I love my spectoos plug in! It is super easy to use and set up! I like that really adds to my credibility - customers love being able to see my testimonials without having to hunt for them. Plus I have control over the testimonials that I post. Win-win for everyone.
Asaf Darash, Ph.D
I really love your product, I think it's amazing and I use it on a daily basis, couldn't recommend it more, it's absolutely fantasitc wohooo
John Beveridge
Great product - takes the hassle out of asking for and giving testimonials.
Hanan Gelbendorf
I like your solution! I think it is a great way to collect and present testimonials and improve the customer traction.
Yoav Itzcovitch
Spectoos approach to collecting testimonials is so simple, yet so powerful. Found no other tool that handles it so well, simply beautiful!
Naomi Goldberg
Spectoos is a great tool for every online business looking to showcase reviews and increase trust.
Sharon Assaf
By far the coolest way to show off your linkedIn testimonials, for me and for my clients. works like a charm - Thanks Spectoos guys!
Ben Kidron
Spectoos' testimonials proved to be a business boost by improving by 53% the deal flow rate coming from our website. Highly recommended!
Ikey Greene
Spectoos turns mundane & anonymous testimonials into inspiring living things and makes one wonder: how come no one thought of it before?
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