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My Missionary Shipping Reviews

Queen Creek, AZ, 85142,
It MADE IT! This is the way to ship international or at least to Jamaica. Todd was great to work with and responded quickly to my question. I got quotes from 2 other shipping companies and he was $50 cheaper than the cheapest quote. My package was delivered within 3 business day, 5 days because it was over the weekend.
Fast and safe delivery and easy to work with! Will definitely be using you again!
The service was very professional and well-organized. The shipping was very fast and our package got to the right location promptly! Will do business with them again!
Using My Missionary Shipping was SO easy! It was my first time using the service! I will use it, again. Thank you for helping make my life, just a little easier at this time of year! Merry Christmas!
I have a new missionary out in the field, and when I asked parents of currently serving missionaries what is the best way to ship packages internationally? They all, overwhelmingly replied ""! I thought I would give them a try, and I have to agree with all the other testimonials, that it was extremely easy to get the packages shipped, and the price for the shipping was better than expected! The owner, Todd Hebdon, was incredibly helpful, and his service is beyond amazing! I will continue to use his services to ship packages to our missionary! Thank you Todd for all your help!
This was my first time using My Missionary Shipping. I had a few questions along the way and Todd, the owner, was quick to respond and very helpful. He just emailed my that my package was delivered to Mexico safely! So grateful for this service. They came right to my door and it worked great!
My package was picked up from my home on a Monday morning, and was delivered to my son's mission home by Tuesday afternoon! I appreciated the advice given to check on each item we were sending to avoid any problems with customs. Thank you!
I loved my missionary shipping! I had several questions, multiple times, as this was my first time shipping to Mexico. All my questions were answered and I had my package picked up Wednesday afternoon at my home and it has at the mission office by Friday afternoon! I didn't have any problem with things we sent and it was so fast! We will definitely use this service again! Thank you!
Great service! Easy to fill out forms with quick turn around time. Very pleased so far. Have sent two packages to Africa and both arrived via DHL in about 4 days!
This process was so easy and saved me $150 in shipping costs to Panama. DHL is the most reliable carrier to Central America. Package was delivered next day. I also had the option of sending package with a private individual who delivers missionary packages, but was only slightly more expensive and guaranteed and trustworthy. Will definitely use them again.
If some other company hadn't already snagged it as a tag line, I'd say that was easy. We have sent several packages to Mexico City and the last two Todd helped us with. They arrived in tact and even with some customs delays still arrived in less time spending less money than other shipping companies we have used.
I just had a great experience sending a couple packages to my twins on their missions in South America! Todd was very helpful in walking me through the process since I was a newbie. My package to Colombia was delivered in 2 days!! And the one to Chile was still pretty fast even though Chile's customs delayed it a bit. If you want to send something fast to your missionary and don't want to pay the outrageous regular price look up My Missionary Shipping!
So fast and easy! Thank you so much! Sending packages to our missionary has been beyond stressful! Thank you for taking so much of the worry out of shipping so that we can concentrate on sending our children some love from home :)
Todd, was so kind to me. He answered all my questions and had the patience of a saint. My packaged arrived in Germany in less time than it takes to mail something out of state... mind blowing
My Missionary Shipping truly over delivers! I have sent 2 packages to the Caribbean and both arrived in great shape in 5 days. I had questions about the contents and customs, etc. which Todd patiently answered and we were able to ship with confidence. I love the quick pricing tool which allowed me to calculate the most economical size and weight for my boxes. It is also terrific to be able to pay for the customs duty out of my account rather than have my missionary worry about it. I love this service and I recommend it to every missionary parent I meet. Thank you Todd for exceeding expectations!
My Missionary Shipping was highly recommend by a few of my family and friends. Todd was very kind and helpful. The shipping was very fast. It only took 3-4 days to get to the mission home. So much nicer then worrying if my daughter will even receive her packages. I will definitely be using this service again. Thank you!
I am SO grateful for your services!! I will use it for every package I send to my elder! I was so worried that I wouldn't be able to send things to him, out of the country, in a timely manner and still be able to put food on the table at home, haha! It took less than 3 days (over a weekend!) to get to his mission home and the price was extremely reasonable. Thank you so much!!! I HIGHLY recommend this to all missionary parents!
I just would like to compliment you on how much you help out missionary families!! It is very hard having our children so far away, and still needing to provide them with creature comforts of home. My son takes bucket showers, washes his own laundry on a washboard, and at times goes for 3 to 5 days without electricity. And he is not alone. Having the reassurance of package delivery to Sierra Leone is something that keeps our family close as my son feels that he is still very supported!
We found this site after sending a package to Colombia 2 times and still having it returned to us. My Missionary Shipping is faster, less expensive and much friendlier! Thanks for helping packages get to our missionary so quickly!
I have used mymissionaryshipping to send packages to my missionary in Hong Kong for his entire mission. It is so great because not only is it cheaper than the USPS, but it would arrive in three days!! Most recently my missionary needed to send something home, so I tried the option for that as well. Everything worked perfectly and his package was picked up at the mission home and arrived at our house 3 days later! This is the best way to send packages to your missionary and I live it!!