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My Missionary Shipping Reviews

Queen Creek, AZ, 85142,
After multiple failed attempts to ship a package to Benin Africa, we decided to ship with My Missionary Shipping. The package actually arrives in 3-5 days with an email confirmation. Worth the money and the savings are great. We even shipped a box home from the mission office. Now if we could just figure out how to ship his mom over, we'd all be happy.
Love the service. Our first attempt to send a package to our missionary ended up as a disaster - finally got the package returned to us 6 months later! We were told about My Missionary Shipping and we've had no problems and love to ship packages to both Poland and the Philippines. Love My Missionary Shipping!
Thank you so much for providing a way to get packages to our grandchildren in Spain. You are amazing. 4 days vs 4 weeks by USPS. When you see the excitement on their face when they open a package it brings tears to my eyes. You are amazing and a gift from God.
I have been so pleased with mymissionaryshipping for years! This time I have a Missionary in South Africa. Yes, that Country is one of the more expensive all around, but it was worth it to get him his Birthday box in only 5 days!! It was never opened in customs and my Missionary did not need to pay duty taxes or extra fees. Thank you Todd and this company for helping us out. The process was quick and easy. We will get another box together soon and contact only you!!
The pricing and timeliness of delivery is amazing! Only 5 days to get my son's package from Arizona to Sierra Leone! Kudos! One happy mamma here!
I have sent four packages to my daughter in Mexico with 100 % success! This has been such a great way to get needed supplies to my missionary really quickly, usually within 3 or 4 days!
Todd constantly amazes me with his performance. I have shipped 10 packages to Sierra Leone Africa and have not had one problem arise. They all arrive as shipped in less than 5 days. The shipping process is beyond easy and his response time is exceptional. You will not go wrong using
Todd is amazing! I had questions and even messed up on the form and he fixed it for me-Saturday night at 11:58pm!!!! Thank you!!!
I am very please with your services. I thought it was a little pricey at the beginning but, after doing some research, I couldn't find anything cheaper and safer than your services. The best part is how fast you guys deliver the packages. Me and my son really appreciate your great service. Thanks!!
So FAST!!! extremely convenient. Thank you!
I LOVE my missionary shipping! My son is serving in Africa and its expensive and they would go through their packages and steal things. With this site, everything gets there to him and fast and it's reasonable! Todd is so friendly and helpful and gets back to me so fast when I have questions. I highly recommend using my missionary shipping!! They are fabulous!
I had a document that I had to get to my missionary in Argentina and I didn't know what to do. I emailed Todd and he emailed me right back. He knew just how to do it. It got there in three days! I will use this company again.
Thanks for providing such a reliable way to ship! I can't believe the packages arrive so quickly! After my first experience shipping internationally with the US Postal system, I told my Mom that was her one and only package for the rest of the service because it was a nightmare experience. Because of My Missionary Shipping, I have been able to send multiple packages in record time. My parents have started recommending your service to all of their missionaries and their families. Thanks again, My Missionary Shipping is a lifesaver. You'll be hearing from me again soon and often.
I've tried Fedex, I've tried shipping on my own, always problems in customs and major delays! My Missionary Shipping & DHL are the best. My son in Jamaica is so grateful each time he gets a package and I know he's going to get it with My Missionary Shipping!
This is the most amazing service! Packages cost less and arrive much faster than any other service! My packages get to my missionary in Halifax, Canada in just 2-3 days and that includes going through customs! Love My Missioary Shipping!
I am so grateful for my missionary shipping! My son is serving a mission in Bogota Colombia and the taxes are extremely expensive. I didn't think I could afford to ship him any packages during his mission. My friend suggested I try this shipping service. It cost less than half of what they quoted me at the regular DHL store. So far, I have sent him a Christmas package and a birthday package. Both times the package arrived in four days! I can email Todd directly with any questions I have, he not only answers my questions quickly but also notifies me when the package was delivered. What a wonderful service! I will definitely use it again.
My Missionary Shipping is the best way to send packages! I love the fact that I can track them the whole way and I know exactly when they are signed for at the destination. This is the only way I send packages to my son in the Scotland/Ireland mission. The prices are better than the post office and generally the parcel arrives in just 2 days!
When my son was serving in Chile, the only way it was tracked all the way there and arrive in less than 6-8 weeks, was to send Priority Express International (expensive). Now my daughter is serving in Ecuador. Ecuador's crazy strict rules and everyone on the web saying their packages (sent by other means) were not arriving, had me seriously stressed out. Todd Hebdon was very helpful with my concerns and really seemed to know what he was doing. So I tried mymissionaryshipping for the first time this Christmas. The tracking updates were GREAT! We sent it out Dec. 13th and it arrived Dec. 16th and they even let me know that customs in Guayaquil delayed it for a day. Every item arrived to my daughter and she got it in time for Christmas (the best part)! I was extremely stressed about shipping to Ecuador. Thanks to mymissionaryshipping, I have a service I can trust.
My missionary shipping is the best! It has never failed me to get a package to my son who is serving in the Caribbean!! Easy, quick and reliable!! I will never use any other shipping method!
We have been shipping packages to our daughter in Hong Kong for over a year and it has been unbelievably flawless every time. It is the best service and the best price... what a combination. We have tried to tell everyone with a missionary out serving that My Missionary Shipping is truly the best, and it is so true. Many thanks to Todd and My Missionary Shipping.