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My Missionary Shipping Reviews

Queen Creek, AZ, 85142,
I am SO grateful for your services!! I will use it for every package I send to my elder! I was so worried that I wouldn't be able to send things to him, out of the country, in a timely manner and still be able to put food on the table at home, haha! It took less than 3 days (over a weekend!) to get to his mission home and the price was extremely reasonable. Thank you so much!!! I HIGHLY recommend this to all missionary parents!
I just would like to compliment you on how much you help out missionary families!! It is very hard having our children so far away, and still needing to provide them with creature comforts of home. My son takes bucket showers, washes his own laundry on a washboard, and at times goes for 3 to 5 days without electricity. And he is not alone. Having the reassurance of package delivery to Sierra Leone is something that keeps our family close as my son feels that he is still very supported!
We found this site after sending a package to Colombia 2 times and still having it returned to us. My Missionary Shipping is faster, less expensive and much friendlier! Thanks for helping packages get to our missionary so quickly!
I have used mymissionaryshipping to send packages to my missionary in Hong Kong for his entire mission. It is so great because not only is it cheaper than the USPS, but it would arrive in three days!! Most recently my missionary needed to send something home, so I tried the option for that as well. Everything worked perfectly and his package was picked up at the mission home and arrived at our house 3 days later! This is the best way to send packages to your missionary and I live it!!
As a new missionary mom, I was a little taken aback with the price of sending a birthday package to my son in Hong Kong. After comparing prices with several different ways to ship, the best out there was hands down mymissionaryshipping -- My package was delivered faster than the original anticipated date. I will be using this service again, thank you!
My Missionary Shipping is always great to work with and they save me money! They help take the frustration and confusion out of navigating the DHL system directly as well as the save me from having to be an expert in International shipping requirements and regulations. Thanks!!
We have used this service to send pkgs to our son in Papua New Guinea. Great service, it has truly saved us time and money! The pkgs have been delivered there in 3-4 days. The last one got there right on his birthday. :-) Thank you so much!
I can't believe how quickly my packages to my son get delivered to Australia! With door to door tracking, I can follow their progress all the way there. Thank you Todd for your great customer service and your professionalism. You make it so easy!
Easy and fast way to send our packages to Australia. This has been a flawless process and will continue to use.
As a new missionary mom having my son in Jamaica, I wasn't sure if I would be able to send anything. I heard about Missionary Shipping from the other missionary moms and gave it a try. DHL called me and let me know they were shipping it out and two days later it arrived safely in Jamaica. I am so grateful for this service and will be recommending it to all of the other missionary moms as well as using them for the next two years. Thank you so much for such amazing service!
My Missionary Shipping makes the process simple and easy!! They are quick to help and my packages reach my daughter in the Seoul South Korea Mission quickly. They pick the package up at my home in Michigan and arrive in customs in Incheon the next morning!!! It takes a few days in customs, but the packages are always delivered to the mission home within 5 days. I love, love, love My Missionary Shipping and will continue to use their shipping service in the future.
Once again I am very happy with the service and experience using MyMissionaryShipping. This was my 2nd box to Durban South Africa and he got it in 5 days, unopened, no hang ups with customs and no extra fees to pay on his end. Yes, it is one of the more expensive missions, however I don't have to worry about it getting lost or taking forever. I will ALWAYS use this company to ship anywhere both in the USA and international. Thank you Todd!!!
I have used MymissionaryShipping several time to send packages to your daughter in Barbados, They always arrive in 3-4days and nothing is ever broken or damaged. The prices to ship thru usps are very expensive and take 2-3 weeks to arrive. I'm so happy I learned about MyMissionaryShipping Todd is very helpful and seems to always be available, he is very timely at responding to email. Thanks so much for making shipping easy.
We used this service for the first time to send a 20 lb package to our missionary daughter in Aruba, and we're very pleased with the service we received. The cost was quite reasonable and much lower than Other avenues we explored. We were amazed at the delivery time and extremely impressed with the customer service we received from the owner. It is a bit of a ramp up to pour through the instructions initially, but any questions we had were answered promptly. Once we understood the process it made sense and was not as complicated as it seemed at first. We would highly recommend this service and look forward to Using them again at Christmas time.
I have used My Missionary Shipping on multiple occasions. My son is serving in the Mexico City Northwest Mission and every single time I have shipped a package, it has been delivered within 1 to 2 days. The packages have never been held up in customs and everything I have shipped is in the box when my son opens it. Nothing has ever been stolen or removed in customs. I would highly recommend this service to anyone who has missionaries serving internationally or domestic.
After multiple failed attempts to ship a package to Benin Africa, we decided to ship with My Missionary Shipping. The package actually arrives in 3-5 days with an email confirmation. Worth the money and the savings are great. We even shipped a box home from the mission office. Now if we could just figure out how to ship his mom over, we'd all be happy.
Love the service. Our first attempt to send a package to our missionary ended up as a disaster - finally got the package returned to us 6 months later! We were told about My Missionary Shipping and we've had no problems and love to ship packages to both Poland and the Philippines. Love My Missionary Shipping!
Thank you so much for providing a way to get packages to our grandchildren in Spain. You are amazing. 4 days vs 4 weeks by USPS. When you see the excitement on their face when they open a package it brings tears to my eyes. You are amazing and a gift from God.
I have sent four packages to my daughter in Mexico with 100 % success! This has been such a great way to get needed supplies to my missionary really quickly, usually within 3 or 4 days!
Todd constantly amazes me with his performance. I have shipped 10 packages to Sierra Leone Africa and have not had one problem arise. They all arrive as shipped in less than 5 days. The shipping process is beyond easy and his response time is exceptional. You will not go wrong using