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My Missionary Shipping Reviews

Queen Creek, AZ, 85142,
Todd was great to work with! So glad to our son got his package in Tonga! Was less than two week with My Missionary Shipping, as compared to the USPS that took almost 2 months!
I've loved the personal touch I've gotten from My Missionary Shipping! Todd, the owner has responded personally to any questions I've had. And they rushed some customs forms changes I had to make on the label last week so my package could go out that day. My daughter's package to the Philippines arrived in 1 week! I mailed a package to my son in Spain last Wed, and it arrived in Spain today! I've also appreciated how helpful DHL has been when I've called them with any customs questions. They've been very helpful. This is such a great way to get packages to missionaries internationally without it taking weeks or months to arrive!
Wow! My Elder's Christmas package was received at the mission home 4 days after leaving the US for South Africa. Thanks for being fast and reliable.
Excellent, fast delivery! After having a package lost through USPS, I decided to try It was delivered from Dallas to Jamaica in 48 hours. Will definitely use again.
I just wanted to say "Thank you" for providing this most valuable shipping service to missionaries throughout the world. Even though shipping internationally seems very complicated, your website and email instructions were very detailed and easy to follow. Our package to our son serving in Guyana arrived in 3 days! I would recommend this service to anyone with missionaries serving abroad! The overall experience has been very positive!
Quickest method we have found to get a package to Hong Kong. It usually arrives in 2-3 days and the price is cheaper or similar to USPS which takes much longer to get there. Highly recommended!
I needed to send a package to Austrailia before transfers. When I was told it would be 3 days. I really didn't believe it. Taking each little step trying to get the forms and scheduling the pick up -- all my emails were answered quickly so I could get this package out. It did arrive in 3 days. My missionary wasn't home and had to pick it up but he was excited and it seemed pretty easy for him. Thank you thank you thank you!!
My son is serving in Sierra Leone, West Africa. As a mom, of course I want to send him fun packages from home. I have had wonderful customer service with Todd and his company. My missionary has received every single package with in 5 business days. I get a confirmation email when it is delivered and it shows me whom, in the mission office actually signed for it. I recommend My Missionary Shipping to all of my mission-mom friends. Thank you Todd!
I just finished packing my 3rd box for my Missionary in Durban South Africa. I LOVE this service as I know it will get to him within a week and without being opened or having problems. I've used Mymissionaryshipping many times in the past for my other Missionary who served in the West Indies/Caribbean and never once was disappointed! I will refer everyone to this company. Todd is amazing. Thank you so much!
Absolutely Best way to ship internationally for my Elder in Jamaica! Everything arrives in 1 piece, always within 3 days - I've been using Todd's service for almost 2 years and will refer it to any and everyone with International shipping needs!
If getting your missionary's package to its destination quickly and safely is important, use My Missionary Shipping...these guy's are fast and about half the price of DHL...These guys are great and the best part is you don't have to monkey around with the traveling circus that is the USPS which is a total gamble and who knows when your package will arrive or even IF your package will arrive...Thanks to Todd & his team!
Exelent service
Another great experience with My Missionary Shipping. Todd is always super helpful, and my package got to Hong Kong REALLY FAST!! Will definitely use again. :)
I am so grateful for My Missionary Shipping. My son is serving a mission in Tonga and getting items there can be a bit pricey, and often it takes a LONG time for the boxes to get to the mission home. I have shipped a few boxes with My Missionary Shipping and each time everything arrived safe and sound and with in a few weeks. Todd is very helpful I asked a million questions the first time we shipped and he responded to each email and was very helpful.I recommend My Missionary Shipping to everyone!
It MADE IT! This is the way to ship international or at least to Jamaica. Todd was great to work with and responded quickly to my question. I got quotes from 2 other shipping companies and he was $50 cheaper than the cheapest quote. My package was delivered within 3 business day, 5 days because it was over the weekend.
Fast and safe delivery and easy to work with! Will definitely be using you again!
The service was very professional and well-organized. The shipping was very fast and our package got to the right location promptly! Will do business with them again!
Using My Missionary Shipping was SO easy! It was my first time using the service! I will use it, again. Thank you for helping make my life, just a little easier at this time of year! Merry Christmas!
I have a new missionary out in the field, and when I asked parents of currently serving missionaries what is the best way to ship packages internationally? They all, overwhelmingly replied ""! I thought I would give them a try, and I have to agree with all the other testimonials, that it was extremely easy to get the packages shipped, and the price for the shipping was better than expected! The owner, Todd Hebdon, was incredibly helpful, and his service is beyond amazing! I will continue to use his services to ship packages to our missionary! Thank you Todd for all your help!
This was my first time using My Missionary Shipping. I had a few questions along the way and Todd, the owner, was quick to respond and very helpful. He just emailed my that my package was delivered to Mexico safely! So grateful for this service. They came right to my door and it worked great!